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Maurice Johnson

Awaken the Greatness Within! Simply put…you are great! You have everything within you to be a world-overcomer and to succeed in life. What lies within you is greater than what’s going on around you. In this stirring book, you will learn:

-The real truth about who you are
-How to manifest greatness
-The power of identifying with Abraham
-The importance of responding to your ability
-All this and more!



Maurice Johnson

Unlocking the secrets of your inner man! This book takes the mystery out of what the human spirit is. You will receive new insight into the invisible part of you-your spirit.

After reading this book, you will understand:

-How spiritually significant God made you
-Why you have an enormous advantage in life
-How much good really is in you



Maurice Johnson

Destiny: What a powerful word. The great thing about it – everyone has one! You have one! There is a role you are meant to play in the world.

This revealing book gives you an understanding of the path of life you were meant to take, while helping you become more productive. You will have a renewed inspiration to strive forward in your God given assignment!