Winners We-Values:

We Exist to Tell People God is For You, Not Against You.


We Celebrate Everything!

We serve a God of CELEBRATION! He loves a party and as His people we are called to be a people of celebration. People who celebrate are people who let loose, cheer and clap for who our God is, what He has done, who we are and what we have accomplished through Him. Since we don’t lack REASONS to celebrate, we REMEMBER to celebrate.

We Expect the Supernatural

The supernatural is part of the DNA that makes Winners Church who we are. We believe in and expect displays of God’s magnificent presence and power. By expecting the supernatural, we are experiencing the supernatural through dreams, visions, healings, miracles, words of knowledge, and prophecies. God is extending His hand to give us the supernatural and we are extending our hand to receive it.


We Are Victors, Not Victims

At Winners Church, we do not embrace a “victim mentality” that says we are the underdog and inferior to negative circumstances around us. Quite the contrary! We see ourselves on the top and not on the bottom. We’re victors and we’re destined to win. WINNING is what we do!

We Speak Life

The Bible says that death and life are in the power of the tongue. Our words shape our reality. At Winners Church, we choose to speak life just like Jesus did and shape our reality for good. We choose to use our words to uplift, heal, bless and affirm the truth of God’s Word’s in our lives and the lives of others.


We Do Life Together

We have all been created to belong. This is why at Winners Church this core value is so important to us. We were not designed to live alone and in isolation. You get to live out this core value by being apart of one of our small groups that we have every season and faithfully coming to our Weekend Services to worship, fellowship and hear the good news with your brothers and sisters in Christ.