Maurice Johnson

Maurice Johnson

Senior Pastor

My name is Maurice Johnson and I am the Founder & Senior Pastor of Winners Church. I am the visionary of this awesome local church! It is my honor to pastor such a wonderful congregation.

I am a graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center, a member of the Rhema Ministerial Association International and the Fellowship of Inner City of Word of Faith Ministries. I am passionate about seeing lives changed through the teaching of God's Word and the demonstration of His Spirit.

I like Urban Praise and Worship, Christian Contemporary and R & B Music. I'm really into Israel Houghton and the New Breed. I think they are an excellent music ministry group.

I love going to libraries and book stores. I have an insatiable desire for books and the knowledge, wisdom and understanding they contain.

Patrick Keller
Jacques Noisette

Jacques Noisette

Associate Pastor

Boring and irrelevant were the two perceptions I had growing up when considering a life with Christ. I soon found out that being a believer and walking by faith and not by sight is an adventure that everyone should experience. Once I stepped through the doors of Winners Church I felt at home and inspired to live on purpose and to glorify God through serving Him and those around me. After being born again, I was never "bored again" and now I enjoy introducing this life to others.

Places: Time Square
Restaurants: Buka Lounge
Books: Wide Awake
Magazines: Black Enterprise
Sport Teams: After MJ left the game hasn't been the same since.
Music: Israel Haughton
Movies: Count of Monte Cristo
Television: For Sale
Hobbies: Reading
Favorite Quotes: I live to give!
Odd Facts: I was a college radio DJ

Patrick Keller
Patrick Keller

Patrick Keller

Executive Pastor

As a child, as long as I can remember, I thought about my future and destiny. I would ask questions like: What is my legacy? What will I be known for? All that changed when I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and gave Him my life. Then He led me to Winners Church and one of the greatest chapters of my life, filled with adventure and challenges, began to be written about me. Winners Church helped me to discover who I am and what I have been designed for. With teaching from Pastor Maurice like "Destiny Now" and "Understanding Your Destiny" I began to comprehend and acknowledge that God created me and my destiny is hidden in Christ. I love Winners Church and I am thrilled to be apart what God is doing in Winners Church.

Places: I love the outdoors, especially Dumbo Park
Restaurants: I enjoy Thai, Italian, and American
Books: Wild At Heart, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Leading With A Limp
Magazines: Ebony, Fast Company, Time
Sport Teams: Any team from NY
Music: I enjoy and I am open to different types of music. But I love the group Jesus Culture.
Movies: Matrix Trilogy, Lord of The Rings Trilogy, Chronicles of Narnia
Television: Boring
Hobbies: I love to walk and run. I enjoy writing and reading.
Favorite Quotes: A wise man will hear and increase learning.
Odd Facts: In H.S. I was part of a step team called Crown Mecca.

Patrick Keller
Michelle Creary
IMG_3510 2.jpg

Michelle Creary

Winning Kids Pastor

My passion is to enjoy life to the fullest. Sometimes that means skydiving or riding the Nitro at Six Flags. Other times, it's teaching kids about the coolness of God or taking them zip lining. I am a firm believer in making the most of every moment and living the abundant life that Jesus came to give! (John 10:10)

Magazine: Believer's Voice of Victory
TV Show: Grey's Anatomy
Sports Team: The Mets
Music: Reggae
Movies: Sound of Music, Wizard of Oz, Guess Who
Hobbies: Cycling, Tennis, Running, Amusement Parks
Quotes: "Be yourself. No one can say you're doing it wrong." -Snoopy.
Odd Facts: aka Storm

Patrick Keller
Joshua Sweezer

Joshua Sweezer

Youth Pastor

Growing up I can remember learning a lot about God. My grandmother used to sit with me and read the Bible. She taught me the model prayer "Our Father" and I continue to pray that prayer even today. That's where it all started for me. As a youth, the foundation of who Christ is was poured into me. As I was growing up I always knew there was a higher power to obey. As I grew older the time came for me to make a decision in my life. There was a tugging on my heart and I wanted something more because of the emptiness I was feeling. Jesus quickly filled that void when I made the choice to become saved. A close friend, Patrick, who is now an associate Pastors of Winners Church, introduced me to Pastor Maurice. He led me into the sinner's prayer and that's when a new life with Jesus Christ began. From listening to the teachings and preaching of Pastor Maurice, I have learned a great deal about the things of God. I learned that I can live out my dreams because with Christ all things are possible. It's only right for me to tell others about the good news I have received, and so that's what I do. I love the people of Winners Church and I am excited to be involved in ministry as well as being a member. This is only the beginning of my destiny--THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!!!!!!!!!

Places: New York
Restaurants: Pretty much any one of them
Books: The Holy Bible. Should there really be anything else?
Magazines: I used to read Marvel Comics!
Sport Teams: Yankees!! And any team that can beat the Lakers!
Music: Christian Rap, Christian R&B, Christian Rock, Gospel, Praise Music, Worship Music, Spoken Word.
Movies: I'm not going to say Passion of Christ cuz that would be so generic, but it was a good movie though, just saying. There are so many movies I can't just choose a couple.
Television: No time! Sorry...
Hobbies: Wrestling, Video games, uuh.... There is much more I promise...
Favorite Quotes: You don't talk to me like that!
Odd Facts: I love collecting nice umbrellas...Yea...That's odd right?

Patrick Keller
Jeremy Street

Jeremy Street

Worship Leader

Hello Everyone! My name is Jeremy Street and I was born and raised in Queens, New York. One of my favorite things to do is to create music, because I love to produce new things. Life is exciting when you follow what God has put in your heart. At first I didn't live out of my heart, but through the teachings of Winners Church, I started to embrace this new way of life. I feel free and excited! In addition, I am the praise and worship leader at Winners Church. I enjoy leading the congregation into the presence of God. Praise and Worship music is my favorite genre of music. I encourage you all to make it a part of your everyday lives. Winners Church is the Church of Champions and I am looking forward to seeing you there!

Places: Florida
Restaurant: Grand Lux Cafe
Book: The Bible (KJV)
Magazines: Black Enterprise
Sport Teams: The Knicks
Movies: Goofy Movie
Music: Kari Jobe
Television: Hey Arnold
Hobbies: Creating music and working out
Quotes: Whatever the human mind can concieve it can achieve- Napoleon Hil
Odd Facts: In Junior High School I performed a break dancing act

Patrick Keller