Jacques Noisette


Jacques Noisette

Associate Pastor

Boring and irrelevant were the two perceptions I had growing up when considering a life with Christ. I soon found out that being a believer and walking by faith and not by sight is an adventure that everyone should experience. Once I stepped through the doors of Winners Church I felt at home and inspired to live on purpose and to glorify God through serving Him and those around me. After being born again, I was never "bored again" and now I enjoy introducing this life to others.

Places: Time Square
Restaurants: Buka Lounge
Books: Wide Awake
Magazines: Black Enterprise
Sport Teams: After MJ left the game hasn't been the same since.
Music: Israel Haughton
Movies: Count of Monte Cristo
Television: For Sale
Hobbies: Reading
Favorite Quotes: I live to give!
Odd Facts: I was a college radio DJ

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