Joshua Sweezer


Joshua Sweezer

Youth Pastor

Growing up I can remember learning a lot about God. My grandmother used to sit with me and read the Bible. She taught me the model prayer "Our Father" and I continue to pray that prayer even today. That's where it all started for me. As a youth, the foundation of who Christ is was poured into me. As I was growing up I always knew there was a higher power to obey. As I grew older the time came for me to make a decision in my life. There was a tugging on my heart and I wanted something more because of the emptiness I was feeling. Jesus quickly filled that void when I made the choice to become saved. A close friend, Patrick, who is now an associate Pastors of Winners Church, introduced me to Pastor Maurice. He led me into the sinner's prayer and that's when a new life with Jesus Christ began. From listening to the teachings and preaching of Pastor Maurice, I have learned a great deal about the things of God. I learned that I can live out my dreams because with Christ all things are possible. It's only right for me to tell others about the good news I have received, and so that's what I do. I love the people of Winners Church and I am excited to be involved in ministry as well as being a member. This is only the beginning of my destiny--THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!!!!!!!!!

Places: New York
Restaurants: Pretty much any one of them
Books: The Holy Bible. Should there really be anything else?
Magazines: I used to read Marvel Comics!
Sport Teams: Yankees!! And any team that can beat the Lakers!
Music: Christian Rap, Christian R&B, Christian Rock, Gospel, Praise Music, Worship Music, Spoken Word.
Movies: I'm not going to say Passion of Christ cuz that would be so generic, but it was a good movie though, just saying. There are so many movies I can't just choose a couple.
Television: No time! Sorry...
Hobbies: Wrestling, Video games, uuh.... There is much more I promise...
Favorite Quotes: You don't talk to me like that!
Odd Facts: I love collecting nice umbrellas...Yea...That's odd right?

Patrick Keller