Sunday Service Update

We’re excited to announce we’ll be retuning to “in-person” services September 19th.

Before we gather there are a few things we want you to know:

Your Safety

Your safety matters to us. We know that people have different views on the vaccination and whether or not it should be taken. However, we will not allow it to be a point of contention within our congregation. We welcome the vaccinated and the unvaccinated to worship. Nevertheless, we will be following the CDC’s recommended guidelines for safety.

So, we are asking everyone to wear a mask and reasonably social distance. I say reasonably because some people go overboard with it. We’re at a place in the pandemic where a hug is not going to kill you. However, if you’re uncomfortable with that, just gently let others know and we’ll greet you in your preferred way.

Sanitation Measures

The maintenance staff of P.S. 38 will be cleaning the building before and after our gathering. Winners Church will provide hand sanitizer in the back of the auditorium for those who desire to use it.

Giving Logistics

We’d prefer that all giving be done electronically. However, if you’d prefer to give by cash or check, please fill your offering envelope out and drop your tithes and offerings in the back where an offering bucket will be stationed with one of our Dream Team volunteers.

Your Kids

Our Kids Church will resume in the month of October and your children will be blessed and kept safe. We will be following the CDC guidelines of having your children 2 and older to wear a mask during Kids Church or while they’re inside the building.

Online Services

Unfortunately, we will have to suspend our online services for now. We do not have the finances, the expertise or the man power to live steam. If you want to receive ministry from Winners Church, you will have to show up on Sunday. 

If you have any other question please email us at or send us text at (877) 379-3166.

Looking forward to seeing you Sunday.