“Things are not hard, things are easy. There is a ease released unto you. It’s called grace.”

These are the words I heard when I was praying Tuesday evening and I felt to share them with you. We serve a God that loves us and desires us to live our lives with ease. Jesus does not want us to go through life struggling and trying to figure things out. He does not want us to be stressed and anxious about anything. You may see stress or the difficulties of life as a normal occurrence. While this may be the experiences of many today, I’m declaring it will not be your story.

Resist The Hard Life

Many are experiencing difficulties with depression, pain in their bodies or struggles in their marriage. If this is something you find yourself struggling with, I encourage you to receive this prophetic word of ease. Remind yourself that Jesus has paid the price. Then reject these evil spirits that are trying to rob you of the goodness of God. Some time ago, I had a dream where I saw a man and a woman. They were dark figures. The dream itself was dark, but I could see them. The man looked at me and said, “It’s time to receive sickness and disease.” When I heard those words I resisted them quickly. Then I woke up. 

It’s our time to resist satanic spirits that are trying to make our lives hard. Jesus has empowered us not to accept the burdens of life. After breaking my leg on May 7th, I got surgery May 11th. After my surgery, a thought came to me stating I would experience bone disease because of the rod and screws they put in my leg. When I heard that thought, I rejected it with great aggression. Telling myself over and over, “I DON’T RECEIVE IT AND I DON’T WANT YOU!”

My mother also came to me and said, “This is going to be a hard summer for you because of your leg.” While she may not have meant any harm, I decided not to receive her words. Instead, I received the prayers of the saints who prayed my leg would heal fast. I’m already seeing the fruit of those prayers. Today, I have no pain and my leg feels strong while enjoying this heat wave.

His Presence Leads to Ease

Winners, Jesus does not want us to have a hard life. He wants us to experience the abundant life full of joy and pleasure. When the Holy Spirit spoke the prophetic word of ease to me, I understood this is possible because His presence is with us. Leading us toward ease. I encourage you to yield to the Holy Spirit as He leads you into a life of ease.

One more thing, as I meditated on the prophetic word, I remember the words the Holy Spirit gave to Pastor Maurice some time ago, “Everything is easy in the Spirit.” Spend time praying in tongues. Doing this will make you more sensitive to His leading and build your spirit up to receive the easy life He has for you.