Happy Good Friday and Happy New Month! You made it to April and the blessings of God have not ceased pouring into your life. In fact, God is giving more favor, exposing you to more of His goodness and He’s taking you to new places. I’m excited because we serve a God who loves us and wants to give us His best. However, the enemy of our soul is constantly trying hinder us from receiving what God has for us. But he will not prevail! 

When Jesus was tempted by the devil, Jesus overcame by telling the Him whose in charge. Like Jesus, let the devil know what’s happening here! The devil is not charge of anything you have. Neither does he have any power over you. You are seated high in heavenly places far above him. You have been given authority to refuse him and reject him.

The enemy also tried to test Jesus’ identity. Jesus was not moved by it. Jesus understood who He was and who His Father was. Do you know who you are? Do you know whose backing you? Of course you do! You’re a king/queen. You’re a new creation. As Jesus is, so are you! Jesus was a world shaker, a barrier breaker and life changer. Amongst other things. You are like Jesus because His Spirit is living in you. You don’t have the spirit of the world. You have the Spirit of the Great Overcomer. Therefore, get ready to overcome some more.

It’s Good Friday, I encourage you to enjoy this Christian holiday while remembering the finish work of Jesus Christ. It’s because of the Cross we have become champions. Enjoy the weekend continue and to revel in your victory.