Isn’t it time you ignited your spiritual life again? Aren’t you ready for the spiritual lukewarmness to be over? Of course, you are! The number one way you ignite your life is by praying. I mean praying like crazy. Praying in the understanding and praying in the Spirit.

Stir Yourself Up

The apostle Paul ignited his life by praying day and night. He even told the entire church at Corinth that he prayed in tongues more than all of them. What was he saying? He was saying that he took spiritual action that kept him on fire for God. He made it his business to stir himself up in the Spirit.

Fire in the Bones

Another way you can ignite your life is by reading, studying, pondering and SPEAKING the written Word of God. The prophet Jeremiah said that the Word was like fire shut up in his bones. Wow! This tells me that the Word ignites and excites! It, also, tells me that if you keep putting the Word inside of you, the fire will keep burning on the outside of you. You won’t have to manufacture NOTHING!! It will be real, raw and roaring flames.

My Personal Experience

I remember when I first got saved, I was lit. I was so lit I was scaring my family a little. Lol! Then when I got baptized with the Holy Spirit, I was even more lit. By the leading of the Holy Spirit, I left my denominational church and joined an independent Pentecostal church. Man, the fire and freedom in the Spirit that I experienced was out of this world. I would dance, shout and sing like nobody’s business. I was constantly going to church services and hanging out with spiritual teenagers who had a hunger and thirst for the things of God like me. I would even go to the prayer meetings that only the old people attended. Lol!!

Ministry Preparation & Beginnings 

Next thing you know I’m in Bible school preparing for my call to the pastoral ministry. What an adventure that was! Fast forward, I leave Bible school excited about being a pastor. Eventually, I started Winners Church. I’m still on fire for God. So much so, people were getting baptized with the Holy Spirit so easily. I was bold, brazen and courageous. However, over a long period of time, that fire began to wane. Pastoral responsibility, administration and the care of the people began to distract me. Ministry began to replace my time in prayer and the Word. Before you know it, I was coasting. I had moments of being on fire, but I didn’t “maintain the glow” like I should have.

It’s Not Too Late! 

But guess what I found out? It’s not too late for you and for me! We can get the fire back! As for me, I’m on my way! I’m seeking God more and more. And my spiritual life is being ignited again. Will you join me and begin to ignite your life with the fire of God? I encourage you to get back into prayer…big time! Get into the Word ferociously. Praise and worship God with abandonment. These are some keys to the fire! Don’t wait any longer. Don’t delay another minute. There’s no time like NOW!!! The Holy Spirit is waiting to invade your life once again with His fire! Let’s gooo!!!