Whenever a doctor is delivering a baby naturally, he always tells the mother to, “Push!” He may also say, “Come on, push a little more, the baby is almost out!” In this season, God is calling you to PUSH! He’s calling you to lay aside laziness and sluggishness. He’s calling you to get rid of a “C-section” mentality that causes you to lay around and think that God will do everything. Yes, He will help you. Yes, He will coach your potential out of you, but you still have to PUSH!! You have to put forth some effort to give birth to all that God has for you. Here are 3 areas you need to push in:

1. Push yourself to pray. The Bible says, “Pray without ceasing.” (1 Thessalonians 5:17) This means that talking to God, asking Him for things, petitioning Him for others and thanking Him should never become a inconsistent discipline, but a consistent priority. When you push yourself to pray, you will experience the presence of God in a fresh way. You’ll be inviting heaven into your circumstances and your call for divine assistance will bring about powerful results.

2. Push yourself to prophesy your future. I like something Terri Savelle Foy posted on Instagram a few years ago, “Don’t wait to see what happens, 👉🏽 prophesy your future. Train your mouth to DECLARE & EXPECT something good everyday.” Those are some powerful and inspiring words. I agree with Terri! Don’t wait to see what happens, prophesy your future. Tell your future how AMAZING it’s going to be and all the good things that are going to be happening to you and for you. Boldly declare that the rest of this year is going to be the BEST of your year in Jesus’ name.

3. Push yourself to pass the plateaus of life. Plateaus are a natural part of life. We all have reached states of little or no change after a period of activity or progress. Nevertheless, God is giving you the grace to push pass whatever plateaus you find yourself in. Whether it’s a spiritual plateau, a relationship rut or a financially flat life, the Father is ready to help you get to your next level. What’s the key to it all? Your personal decision to GROW! Personal growth is a key to breaking through a blah and bland life. You’re going to have to read more, practice more, develop new skills and change up your routine. The result? Passion and ambition will rise up within you and the next thing you know you you’re staring success in the face.