Everyone wants to prosper financially, but not everyone wants to release the financial seed in their hands. Today, I encourage you to release the seed so you can have a future of abundance.

It’s no secret that God wants you to be abundantly blessed. He wants you to have loads of money and a financially stress-free existence. He didn’t create you to spend your days on earth in lack. He didn’t design you for financial struggle. So, one of the ways to get your prosperity in motion is to RELEASE THE SEED!

“Without seed in your hands, God cannot fulfill His financial purposes in you. But when you have seed, and you sow that seed in cooperation with Him, He can establish His covenant of prosperity with you.” – Apostle Leroy Thompson

Satan will tell you not to. Your flesh will scream no. But once you overcome Satan and your flesh, you’ll be ecstatic about sowing money into your local church, your family, friends and charitable causes. Don’t let stinginess, fear or self-consumption keep you from releasing the seed and getting ahead financially.

Multiplied Money

God is good and He’s already blessing you. Now let Him multiply you. This is what He promises to the financial seed sower:

“Now He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and MULTIPLY YOUR SEED for sowing and increase the harvest of your righteousness.” – 2 Corinthians 9:10

It isn’t enough just to have a little money here and there. God wants you to have MULTIPLIED MONEY. It’s the kind of money that brings you into the realm of super financial abundance. This is the place where lack can’t reach you. The truth is, multiplied money makes you a financial master. You’ll command a lot of cash. You’ll go from wanting, wishing and waiting to giving, living and having.

Change Your Financial Future

This is your opportunity to change your financial future. Why settle for a little when you can have a lot? Let this be the year you become a consistent financial sower. Release your seed today! Here’s how:


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