Winners Church family and friends, I must say that God has been faithful to us as a church. His abundant provision has been ours individually and collectively. Some of you may not know this, but Winners Church has never borrowed money in all the years we’ve been in existence. We have never had a credit card and everything we have done has been done by cash. That is something to CELEBRATE!!!

Financially Responsible
NO ONE can say we owe them money…because we don’t! That is something to CELEBRATE!! We have been fiscally responsible with what has come through the Winners Church bank account.

Push Forward! 
As we start off this new month of March, I want us to PUSH FORWARD as a church family and GIVE MORE!! Since this pandemic our monthly expenses have significantly increased because of our online church services. As simple as it may seem, it costs money to consistently bring you an online worship experience Sunday after Sunday. By the grace of God, we’ve been doing it STEADILY for almost 12 months. That is something to CELEBRATE!!

Our Zoom Kids Church, our Zoom Small Groups, our weekly Women’s Prayer Call have also been STEADY and a blessing to our church family. Praise the Lord! This is something to CELEBRATE!!!

Partner With Us
Our goal is to do more! We are not twiddling our thumbs. We are continually counseling, writing, giving, preaching, teaching, praying, planning and strategizing. Without a doubt, the Lord is with us. I want to encourage you to sow into Winners Church…BIG TIME!!! Let the Lord know you appreciate this church and the work it does as a spiritual house.

Beyond your tithe, some of you can give large gifts of $10,000 or $5,000 dollars. Others of you can give $500 or $250. Others of you can give smaller amounts. All I ask is that you GIVE YOUR BEST!!! Open your beautiful hands of generosity and GIVE TODAY!!! We are looking forward to all you will do. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

1. Give ONLINE
2. Text giving: 718-395-7713
3. Give through Cash App: $winnerschurchny