There’s a battle for your financial prosperity. Let’s face it. Satan does not want you to have a lot of money. He wants you broke, busted and barely getting by. He opposes your prosperity and wants to devour you financially. Be that as it may, Satan’s agenda against you doesn’t matter. You’ve have authority over him and his evil plots against you. Your job is to resist him in the name of Jesus and with the word of God. Let Satan and his demons of poverty know you’re not taking their financial containment anymore.

Winning the Battle
You’re going to win the battle of financial containment. You’re not going to allow yourself to be held back from this day forward. I see you BREAKING OUT and BREAKING THROUGH every barrier to your prosperity. Abundance will be yours in the name of Jesus! Speak to the devil and say, “Satan, take your hands off my money! Take your hands off my financial future in the name of Jesus. Demons of poverty and lack, I resist you in the name of Jesus! Leave me now!” They will obey you. They don’t have a choice.

Hit It Big
Your Heavenly Father is pouring out His grace and wisdom on you. You’re not going to be stuck in the same place struggling with the same money issues. Money-making creativity is going to flow from you and you’re going to HIT IT BIG!

I’m literally excited about your financial future. There’s no turning back. You’re going forward and God is bringing you into your wealthy place by His grace.