On November 13th of this year, I had a dream where I was catching up with childhood friends and playing spades. When I was dealt my hand, I noticed I had many cards that would help me win the game. However, I thought it was unfair and tried to get the dealer to re-deal our hands but it was too late. The game had already started. As we played the game I woke up. While I laid in bed thinking if the dream was from the Lord or not, I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Did you notice you had the winning hand?” Winners, Jesus wants us to know that He has given us the winning hand. I want to share 3 cards that the Father has dealt to us for our continual winning season.

Card 1: Our Mouths. With our mouth we have the ability to speak blessings, pray for our family, command spirits of sickness/disease to leave and sing to the Lord. This is one of the best tools we have in our arsenal. God himself controls everything with His mouth. We, who have been made in His image and likeness have the same ability. Therefore, let’s use our mouths as often as we can in every situation. Our enemy’s common tactic is to get us not to speak or speak negatively. We will not fall for his trap. We will use our words to our advantage. The use of power begins with our mouth.

Card 2: The Holy Spirit. We have the greatest guide on earth continually with us. We never have to make life changing decisions alone. Whether we’re deciding on what investments to make or the plans we need to create for 2021, the Holy Spirit is there to guide us. The Holy Spirit can lead guide us in prayer. I remember a time I was I praying and felt lead by the Holy Spirit to pray for my mother. I obeyed and prayed. Shortly after prayer, I called her to see how she was doing. She told me when she was coming home from work, a man tried to grab her purse. She held on tightly and the man was not able to take it from her. So, he pushed her against a car and ran off. After she told me about her experience, I explained how I was led to pray for her that morning. She was grateful and excited because she knew it was my prayer that helped her win that morning.

Card 3: The Word. The word builds our faith. It gives us vision. It reveals who we are. With this in mind, we should be using this card daily. When Jesus began His ministry, the devil tried on different occasions to tempt Him. However, Jesus overcame every temptation with the word of God. Leaving us an example. With that being said, every week we read Bible reading plans together. I would encourage you to join us on the Bible app by clicking one of these links depending on the phone you use, apple/android. You can add Winners Church as a friend and then we’ll share weekly plans with you. Together, we’ll read the word and use it overcome every obstacle.

Winners, we have what it takes to win. The Father has given us the necessary tools for victory. Let’s play our cards right that we may live in a perpetual state of winning.

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