It’s a Wednesday, between the hours of two and three o’clock. I’m laying in bed and I ask the Lord, “What would you like me to write in this Friday’s email?” In a few minutes, I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit. He said, “Watch your mouth! Watch your mouth!” After I heard it, I laughed out loud because the Lord spoke to me so quickly. As I thought about the word in my heart, the Lord revealed to me areas that He wanted us to watch our mouth. Let’s explore them below. 

Watch your mouth about others!
“For just as you judge and criticize and condemn others, you will be judged and criticized and condemned, and in accordance with the measure you [use to] deal out to others, it will be dealt out again to you.” (Matthew 7:2 AMPC)

The Holy Spirit wants us to watch how we talk about others. When Jesus walked the earth He spoke life towards people. He planted the word to build people up. We should be like Jesus and speak life continually. Using our words to worship the Father. Using our mouths to bless mankind and pray for mankind. Especially our brothers and sisters in Christ. Praying for them and believing the best about them. Wouldn’t we want others to do the same for us? Of course! Therefore, let’s speak only gracious words about each other and pray for all of mankind.

Watch your mouth about yourself!
“Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit.” Proverbs 18:21 (NKJV)

Our mouths have the ability to produce death or give life. Even in our everyday regular conversations our mouths are working. I remember some time ago, I took a flight with Pastor Maurice to Rhema’s Winter Bible Seminar. On the flight, I mentioned that sometimes airlines lose your luggage and ours might get lost. Pastor said, “Don’t say that or you will have what you say.” Eventually, when we finally landed and went to get our luggage, guess whose luggage was missing? MINE! Who would have thought a causal conversation would have created powerful results. Therefore, let’s speak well over our bodies and over our minds. We should never take someone’s negative situation and speak it over our lives. Always says things like, “My life is getting better and better. My mind is blessed. My body is blessed.” When you do that, Heaven will back you and see to it that our positive confession manifest.

Winners, I’m so excited about our lives. I know God is blessing us and has great things in store for us. February is going to be explosive. We’re going to see things “go up” in our life. Promotions, increase, explosive miracles will be our portion for the month of February. God bless you.