Your life is ascending! It’s going higher and higher. No one and nothing is going to hold you back. In this season, you’re not even going to hold yourself back. I declare that you’re going to reach your spiritual, relational, physical and financial zenith.

I see you rising higher and higher. This time the devil is not going to keep you from getting ahead. You’re going to resist him and overcome his strategies against you. As the scripture says you’re going to stand against the schemings of the devil. (see Ephesians 6:11)

God’s Face, God’s Grace
It’s not going to be the same ole same ole. It’s going to be different this time around. You’re going to pray passionately and consistently. You’re going to be in God’s face and before His throne of grace. He’s going to release wisdom, favor and strength to you. You’re going to see your life TAKE OFF like never before. Even when you’re tempted not to pray, the Holy Spirit is going to nudge you to pray. You’re going to yield to Him and you’re going to cry out to the Father.

The Season of Words
You’re, also, going to prophesy to your future. This is the season of words. Your words matter and you’re going to use the power of your tongue to soar. You’re going to say things like:

“My life is ascending!”
“Things are getting better and better for me.”
“I’m making progress and my life is already improving.”

Successfully Productive
Lastly, you’re going to produce at an accelerated rate. I see you making things happen quicker than you have previously. Something is breaking over you and I see you breaking out of sluggishness. I see you running past procrastination. You’re going to be riding on the wings of productivity in you career and business. I see you designing, developing and delivering great service and top of the line products to the people of this world. You’re going to be successful and excel in financial power.